Christmas Project Material List: Origami Purse


Please excuse the picture — the flaps really ARE the same size, but one just wouldn’t lie flat for picture-taking!

  • Fabric, approx 14″ x 19″. Both sides will show, as will the edges. My sample uses a placement with a border on one side and an allover pattern on the other.
  • Purse handles. Make sure they are full rings or squares, as they are attached to the purse by folding fabric over the bottom edge. My sample uses squarish ones, 5 1/2″ x 4″.
  • Buttons or beads. 4 or more. These are used in 4 places — to fasten the sides and to attach the handles. My sample uses 1 at each handle and three on each side. Optional.
  • Tough handsewing needle. Thin enough to go through the buttons or beads, thick enough to go through several layers of your fabric. You’ll want a thimble!
  • Thread. To match or coordinate with the buttons or beads.

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